This is a repeat breeding due June 10, 2018. The last litter produced exceptionally solid pups with outstanding nerves and strong drives and temperament. They are showing a high degree of willingness and apptitude for working. I am currenty working an exceptional female from the last litter. Pups from the last litter are also excelling as pets, without lacking any of the necessary traits that are the components of a German Shepherd dog. They are protective but can discriminate appropriately. These pups will excel in any working endeavor and are appropriate for people in active pet homes who have the necessary amount of time to spend with this breed of dog. Experienced German Shepherd owners are preferred.
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If you are interested in a puppy, please e-mail a completeted questionnaire to

Tarak vom Adler Stein OFA Excellent/Normal Elbows
Tarak is a substantial, black and red male with a masculine head and very correct structure. He has very strong nerves, is an outstanding tracking dog, very willing in obedience and is a very strong, dominant dog in the protection work. Tarak has very strong fight drive and displays a full and hard grip in protection. He is also exceptionally compliant to the handler even while working in a high state of drive. He has the strong protective instinct supported by strong nerves, courage and hardness that are the required traits of a German Shepherd Dog. While Schutzhund as a breed test no longer exists and the sport of IPO does not test these traits, they are absolutely necessary for this breed of dog. Tarak is not simply a "sport dog", he is very much the epitome of a German Shepherd Dog. Tarak is very much the kind of dog I have strived to produce and his last litter is very promising, not only for working but as active family companions.

Siren vom Adler Stein OFA Good/Normal Elbows
Siren is a very good looking, conformationally correct female with a high degree of willingness to please. She is a protective female with strong nerves and resilience. Siren is a sister to Praetor, ( shown on the males page of this site), and has so far proven to be a very good producer of correct German Shepherd Dogs. She is an exceptionally devoted dog with a very strong apptitude for obedience. Her pups are showing exceptional nerves, very strong protective instincts and the ability to discriminate regarding what is and is not a threat. I am currently working an absolutely fantanstic Siren/Tarak daughter. Open and friendly with strangers but very serious in protection work showing her parents same full, hard grips and fight drive. She very much reminds me of dogs from years back that we simply do not see any longer. I am repeating this litter due to a number of requests for pups from this combination.


If you are interested in an Adler Stein puppy, please complete the PRE-PURCHASE QUESTIONNAIRE and Email or fax it back to us. Only when we are certain of what you are looking for in a puppy can we supply you with informed answers to questions regarding the puppies and their suitability for you and your lifestyle.


All of our breeding stock are either O.F.A. certified or have a German "a" stamp or equivalent hip status approval by another FCI-recognized nation. All Adler Stein puppies receive their first Parvo/Distemper puppy innoculation, a full series of wormings and all other necessary health maintainence, including the highest quality food and supplementation, before they are ready to go to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks. All puppies are handled and socialized extensively on a daily basis, from the day they are born until the time they go to their new homes. All Adler Stein puppies are tattooed. Microchipping is available upon request.


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