Adler Stein Kennels-Photo Gallery Five

Photo Gallery

Calais vom Adler Stein
Calais is a daughter of V Lasco Westfalensproß SchH3 IP3 FH2 KKL 1 "a" and Nala vom Adler Stein SchH 1 KKL 2 and is a litter sister to Centa, shown above. Like her sister, Calais is showing outstanding drive and temperament and is also being worked toward her SchH titles. She is owned and trained by Marcelo Julio of Ñuñoa, Chile.

Protection Training with Peter Verachtert

Calais learning the retrieve


Grace Ayla vom Adler Stein TD CDX, Canadian CD, RN, NAP, NJP, CGN, VCD1, TDI, CGC

Grace Ayla is a black sable female out of Nala vom Adler Stein and sired by Jabina Haig. She is a beautiful, highly trainable young female with exceptional temperament. Ayla is what every German Shepherd should be, versatile in the extreme. There are not many things that Ayla can't do and when she does them, she usually ends up in first place. Please see the "News" page for more information about Ayla. Ayla is owned and expertly trained by Krissy Rupe of Alaska, USA.

Shown here at Eight Months of Age.

North Kiptin vom Adler Stein
Kiptin is a son of Heist vom Adler Stein and Drexi vom Adler Stein. He is owned and trained by Krissy Rupes, who also owns and trains Ayla, shown above. Like Ayla, Kiptin is currently being trained in AKC Obedience and Agility. He is excelling at both and proving himself to be an exceptionally trainable young dog. At just eight months of age, he knows almost all of the exercises required in the AKC Open classes. He is a natural retriever and shows tremendous focus, even in the most distracting environments. I am expecting many training accomplishment updates in the years ahead and looking forward to the same, (if not greater), success Krissy has experienced with Ayla. No pressure though Krissy!
Video of Kiptin working Scent Articles at 11 months of age.


Shown Here at Five Months of Age
Fleck vom Adler Stein RN
Fleck is a daughter of Kizar vom Adler Stein and Whoopie von der Fasanerie. She is a very good looking female with very nice pigment and a strong and outgoing personality. Fleck is being worked toward her AKC and Rally obedience titles. Fleck is owned and trained by Melissa Montgomery of Florida, USA.

Ganya vom Adler Stein BH
Ganya is a bi color female out of Nala vom Adler Stein and Jabina Haig and a litter sister to Grace Ayla shown above. Ganya is also exceptionally trainable and driven female and will be pursuing her SchH titles in the future. Ganya is owned and trained by Amanda Wetrosky of Minnesota, USA.

Shown here at 19 Months of Age
Hannah vom Adler Stein CGC
Hannah is a sable female out of Rancho Rhein's Raider and Janka von der Schäfereiche. Hannah is currently training in obedience and recently earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate. Hannah is owned and trained by Rita and John Bass of North Carolina, USA.

Joli at 12 weeks of Age

Joli at 8.5 Months
Joli vom Adler Stein
Joli is an outgoing and fearless daughter of Jabina Haig SchH 3 and Kadja vom Adler Stein SchH 1. Shown here working on her heeling, she is proving to be highly trainable which was evident at a very young age, as you can see from the puppy picture. Joli is working on her obedeince and tracking titles. Joli is owned and trained by Kellie Ford of Colorado, USA.
Jakarta vom Adler Stein
Jakarta is a daughter of Jabina Haig and Kadja vom Adler Stein and is a litter sister to Jolie, shown above. She is showing the same exceptional drive, trainability and temperament that has been evident in Haig's pups and particularily in this combination with Kadja. Jakarta is currently being trained as a Service Dog and will be trained in French Ring Sport in the near future. Jakarta is owned and trained by the Patin family of California, USA.

Jailear vom Adler Stein
Jailear is a darkly pigmented female with strong bone and very good working structure. Jailear is a very spirted and driven young female out of Jabina Haig and Kadja vom Adler Stein. She is a sister to Joli and Jakarta shown above. Jailear has been started in obedience and just recently has started in protection training. Intense does not really do justice when it comes to describing Jailear. She is showing outstanding working potential and we are looking forward to her continued progress.

Hans vom Adler Stein
Hans is a very handsome young male out of Janka von der Schäfereiche and sired by Rancho Rhein's Raider. Hans is a litter brother to Hannah and our very promising young male Heist, ( shown on the Males Page of this site.) Hans is an outstanding "Dock Diver", swimmer and it appears, he is quite talented at retrieving as well. Hans is owned and trained by the Duerr family of Massachusetts, USA. PEDIGREE