Adler Stein Kennels-Photo Gallery Three

Photo Gallery

Apache vom Adler Stein
Apache is son of Jabina Pedro and Goya von der Maneiche. Apache is a very good looking, bi-color male with strong bone and a masculine head. Apache is a very protective young male and an excellent family companion. He has just started working in Schutzhund training and is so far excelling in the protection work. Apache is owned and trained by Michelle O'Brien and Shawn Kaul.
Kat vom Adler Stein
Kat, (sister to Kadja above), is a two year old daughter of Jabina Pedro and Ulla von den Wannaer Höhen. Kat is a very high drive female with outstanding focus, prey drive and trainability. Kat lives with her half brother Enno in Rolla, Missouri. Kat is owned and trained by Carla Simmons.

Maverick vom Adler Stein
(Jabina Pedro X Pira vom Adler Stein)
Maverick,( shown here after a swim at the beach), is owned by Dean Godette & Janis Waugh of San Diego, California. Maverick is maturing into a very handsome young male and a very accomplished swimmer!

Magnus vom Adler Stein
Magnus is a litter brother to Mako and Maverick, shown above. Magnus is an exceptionally good looking young male with a masculine head and wonderful pigment. He has started training and has a very strong grip and shows tremendous desire to please his handler. Magnus is owned by Donna Kelly and Darek Mawryk of Los Angeles, CA.

Anderl vom Adler Stein
Anderl is a son of Jabina Pedro and Goya von der Maineiche. He is a litter brother to Apache shown above. Anderl is a very stable young dog with impeccable temperament and very strong nerves. Preliminary x-rays show good hips and elbows. Anderl is owned by Katia Auer of Valencia, CA.

Asko vom Adler Stein BH
Asko is a son of Jabina Pedro and Goya von der Maineiche and is a litter brother to Anderl and Apache, (shown above). Asko is owned and trained by Randy Campbell of Indiana, USA. Asko is being worked towrd his SchH titles and is a member of the White River Working Dog Club in Whitestown, Indiana. So far Asko is looking very promising in his early training. We are looking forward to more good news from Randy and Asko.

Eonegin vom Adler Stein
OFA Good

Nitro vom Adler Stein SchH 1
Ulla von den Wannaer Höhen SchH 3 IPO 3 FH

Linebreeding: Enno vom Beilstein: 4-4

Click HERE for information and pedigree

Owned by Greg Foley of La Cresenta, CA

Olaf vom Adler Stein

Caliber vom Adler Stein
Razz vom Adler Stein.

Olaf is the owner of the Zinn family of Sacramento, CA.

Zoe vom Adler Stein

Nitro vom Adler Stein SchH 1
Razz vom Adler Stein

Owned by Susan Natali of Granada Hills, CA