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Jabina Pedro SchH 1 KKL 2 OFA
Pedro is an exceptionally courageous and powerful dog with incredible presence. He is a substantial male with a masculine head and strong bone. Pedro is a very loyal, one person dog and while he is social with welcome guests, he will not hesitate to protect when necessary. In protection, Pedro has an extremely powerful grip. He hits the helper with tremendous force, (taking the helper to the ground on the attack on the handler at his breed survey), and is obviously not playing in this phase of the work. In obedience, Pedro is again, very powerful, quick and enthusiastic earning 93 points in his SchH 1 after losing four points for not holding the dumbbell steady. Pedro's recalls and retreives are lightening fast and he shows excellent willingness to work in the obedience phase. Pedro is a dog who demands to be worked daily. He has a high energy level and loves to work. He is an exceptionally talented and intense tracking dog as well. Pedro is producing pups with his same strong drives, exceptional nerves, courage and fight drive and also excellent hunt drive making his pups especially suited for SAR or detection work. Pedro's koer report recommends him to improve working ability and his first five litters have proven that he is doing just that. Pedro is proving himself to be an outstanding producer of working dogs.
Pedro is OFA Good. Elbows are Normal. .

V. Exemplary temperament and praiseworthy protection work.
V1. Suitable for the improvement of working dog characteristics

Pedro's Koer report: Mittlegroß, mittelkräftig, temperamentvoll, normaler Widerrist, gerader Rücken, Kruppe kurz, bei guter Lage. Der Oberarm ist kurz und sollte schräger liegen. Noch gute Hinterhandwinkelung, Vorbrust nur angedeutet. Korrekte Front, gerade Schrittfolge, das Gangwerk sollte mehr Raumgewinn erzielen. Sicheres Wesen, TSB ausgeprägt läßt ab
V.Mustergültiges Temperament und ausgeprägter Schutzdienst
V1. Geeignet zur Verbesserung der Gebrauchshundeigenschaften

Middlesize, medium strong, full of temperament, normal withers, straight back, short croup with good position. Still good rear angulation, chest only suggested. Correct front, walks straight, the gait should be more ground covering. Sound nerves, pronounced, lets out.

Pedro waiting for his Toy

Pedro: protection work

Pedro's Parents:

Aron vom Bracheler See SchH 3 KKL 2 "a" normal

Jabina Cora SchH 2 "a" normal