Kadja vom Adler Stein SchH 1 OFA
Kadja is a very good looking, bi-color female with a strong head and very good working structure. She is a medium size, substantially built female with very strong temperament. Kadja is a very powerful female in both protection and obedience. Like both of her parents, she is a very good tracking dog and has drive to spare in all phases of SchH. Kadja is very stable and self confident in all environments and shows a high degree of trainability and ability to focus on the task at hand. She has outstanding nerves and is an excellent house dog.
Kadja has an exceptional working pedigree and is certainly a strong representative of her lines. Her first litter is looking exceptionally promising, showing very strong trainability and drive. Joli, shown below at 12 weeks of age, demonstrates the willingness and focus Kadja produced in her first litter.  Kadja Protection Training

Joli vom Adler Stein

Female from Kadja's first litter. Sire: Jabina Haig
Kadja vom Adler Stein SchH 1 Pedigree
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Jabina Pedro
SchH 1 KKL 2
DDK 12810
OFA Good H/E
Aron vom Brachleler See
SZ 1925025 SchH3 Körkl 2 ZB: G
"a" normal
Yoschy von der Döllenwiese
SZ 1823741
SchH 3 ZB: V
"a" normal
Troll von der Bösen Nachbarschaft
SchH3 FH
Mona von der Döllenwiese SchH 3 ZB:G
Gesha von Machiavelli SZ 1778204 SchH 3, ZB:G "a" fast normal Fado von Karthago SchH3/FH/IP3
Dixie vom Astenturm
Jabina Cora BHP 1 IPO 1 "a" normal Pike von der Schafbachmühle
SchH3/FH1/IP3 Körkl 1 ZB: V
"a" normal
Karlo vom Peko Haus
SchH 3
Gipsy von der Schafbachmühle SchH 3 FH
Gitti vom Salztalblick SchH 3 "a" normal Berry vom Gohfelderland
SchH 3 FH
Bessy vom Hirschbergertor
SchH3 IPO 3 FH
Ulla von den Wannaer Höhen
SchH 3 IPO 3 FH
"a" normal
ZW 80
Greg von der Zitadellenburg
SZ 1750867
SchH3/ Körkl 1 ZB: V
"a" fast normal

Deister von der Zitadellenburg
SchH 2 FH "a" NZ
Arthus von Lünsholz
SchH 3
Haifa vom Schotterhof
SchH 2
Eika von der kleinen Windmühle
SchH 3 IPO 3 "a" NZ
Enno vom Beilstein
Benta von der kleinen Windmühle SchH 3 FH
Deika von den Wannaer Höhen
SchH 3 "a" normal KKL1
Fax vom Haus Bernhart-Mader
SchH 3 IPO 3 FH
"a" NZ ZB:V
Dasso vom Bodelschwingher Schloss
SchH 3
Nessy vom Haus Bernhart-Mader SchH 1
Birke vom Lahnufer
SchH 3 IPO 3 FH
"a" normal
Alk vom Ambassadeur
SchH 3
Evi vom Pechgraben
SchH 3