Danish Schutzhund Champion Jabina Haig SchH 3 "a" normal ZW 78


Haig is proving himself to be nothing short of an outstanding producer. I have had the opportunity to work several of his older pups in Schutzhund protection work. All have their father's excellent nerves, incredible grip and intense barking. These are serious young dogs who do not look at the protection routine as a game, yet they are exceptionally stable and outgoing like their father. These young dogs are showing excellent tracking ability and are very willing and driven obedience dogs. We are expecting great things from a number of his pups who are currently being trainied in Schutzhund.

I have only seen a few dogs in my 30 years of involvement with the German Shepherd breed who compare to Haig. Haig is everything a German Shepherd dog should be and we are looking forward to his continuing contribution to our bloodlines.

Click HERE to see some of Haig's pups.
Haig is the 2002 Danish National Schutzhund Champion. In keeping with our desire to produce working dogs with sound nerves, outstanding character and excellent structure, Haig is a perfect addition to our breeding program. One of our requirements for a stud dog was not that he be the working champion that Haig is, but that he have the temperament necessary to achieve the results and status of this dog.

Haig is a very quick and powerful dog in protection. He has an absolutely amazing grip and shows very strong fight drive and aggression. He is not playing in the protection work and is not equipment oriented. He will work on the sleeve or suit and has no environmental issues such as slick floors, dark rooms, table tops, etc. You will not see many dogs like Haig as they simply do not exist in large numbers. He has EXCEPTIONAL nerves and is passing this on to his pups along with a high degree of trainability, courage and stability. Haig's character is impeccable. He is super with children, is exceptionally stable and is quite the charmer.

Tom van`t Leefdaalhof
World Champion
SchH3, IP 3, ZB:SG A-normal
* Qerry v Haus Anwerpa
SchH 3, FH, ZB :V, WUSV
* Orry v haus Antwerpa
World Champion
*Bella vom Kirchgraben
*Ruth van`t Leefdaalhof
SchH3 , ZB: SG,
* Pax van 't Leefdaalhof
* Siggi vom Steingold
Jabina Bona
FCI World Ch 20th place
SchH 3, IP 3, ZB: SG
DM pl. 3. – A-normal
*Aly vom Vordersteinwald
FH, SchH.3,
BSP, SchH 3, ZB: V
Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft
*Afra vom Haus Feller
* *Glarbo Lanka
SchH 3, , IP 3,
ZB: SG, DM-Teiln.
Bacchus Grauberg
SchH 3, DDR V7
Glarbo Ashra
SchH 3