Adler Stein Kennels-Photo Gallery One

Photo Gallery

Quinn vom Adler Stein
Thirteen month old male out of Indis v. Adler Stein and sired by Rancho Rhein's Winston.

Qurocco vom Adler Stein
Thirteen month old male out of Indis v. Adler Stein and sired by Rancho Rhein's Winston. Owned by Steve and Laura Crump of CA.

"Doc" vom Adler Stein
Three year old male out of Drexi v. Adler Stein and sired by Heist v. Adler Stein. Brother to my female Nogi. Owned by Nate and Karin Taylor of CA.

Toskar vom Adler Stein
CARDA Certified Search and Rescue Dog
CARDA Certified Human Remains Detection Dog

Toskar is an exceptional young male out of Jabina Pedro and Razz vom Adler Stein. Toskar is currently being worked in Search and Rescue by his handler Greg Foley. Greg and Toskar are members of the Los Angeles Sheriff Department CARDA group. Toskar is an exceptionally stable young dog with outstanding temperament, drive and work ethic. Greg and Toscar passed the CARDA Mission Ready Test on Aug. 22. 2009 and are now a Certified SAR team.

Chango vom Adler Stein
SchH 3

Chango is owned and trained by Mitch Boult of Tennessee, USA. Mitch and Chango earned their SchH 3 title on October 31st under SV Judge Rudi Mueller. They earned their SchH 2 title on May 15, 2004 with a very good score of 86-96-91=273. They were High SchH 2 and also High in Trial! Mitch and Chango were also High SchH 1 in their first trial together. Chango is an exceptional dog in obedience and is showing very powerful protection work with an absolutely amazing courage test. Chango is now retired from SchH but remains the family protector and babysitter.

Rasta vom Adler Stein
CARDA Certified Search and Rescue Dog
CARDA Certified Water SAR and Human Remains Detection Dog

Rasta is owned and trained by Donna Sanford of Southern California. Donna and Rasta have been working in Search and Rescue, ( SAR), for a number of years now and have numerous finds to their credit. Click HERE to read about the San Diego Sheriff's Dept. SAR K-9 Unit and CARDA's efforts during the Waterman Canyon mudslides in San Bernardino in 2003. The third from the last paragraph describes Donna and Rasta's valiant efforts during this search.
Rasta. We are very proud of Rasta and Donna!
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Rasta passed in the spring of 2009. She worked as a SAR dog into her tenth year. She will be missed by all who knew and loved her. Rasta was a daughter of Herzog vom Blitzstrahl and Fallon vom Adler Stein.

Fargo vom Adler Stein
POST Certified Evidence Search Dog

Fargo is owned by Al and Heidi Trimarchi from Sacramento, CA. Fargo is out of Razz vom Adler Stein, sister to Rasta, shown above. Fargo works as an Evidence Search Dog for the Nevada County Sheriffs Dept. He is trained to locate blood evidence and firearms.

Fargo locates evidence after a bank robbery in Nevada!
Click HERE to read the newspaper article about Fargo's find.

Fargo featured in Nevada's Union newspaper.
"Parade watchers reach out to pet a Nevada County Sheriff's dog on West Main Street during the Fourth of July Parade Friday."

Fargo is a son of Rancho Rhein's Eton SchH 3 and Razz vom Adler Stein

Zar vom Adler Stein
Zar is a three year old male out of Caliber vom Adler Stein and Whoopie von der Fasanerie. Zar is currently being trained in Search and Rescue work. Zar is showing very strong drives and work ethic and is proving himself to be a natural for this type of work. Zar is owned and trained by Liz Busa of Minnesota, USA.

On September 27th, 2007 Zar passed the "Basic Man Trailing" evaluation conducted by the North American Search Dog Network! Zar passed his evaluation on a very difficult, four hour old, 3/4 mile trail with a score of 293 out of a possible 300! Since this is a line of work almost exclusively dominated by Bloodhounds, the three judges were quite impressed with Zar's outstanding trailing and scenting abilities. Congratulations to Liz and Zar, what a great accomplishment!

Saber vom Adler Stein
SchH 3 IPO 3 FH2
Saber was a son of Bomber vom Holzberg and Brogan vom Adler Stein. He was an exceptionally strong dog in the protection phase with very strong aggression and fight drive. He showed a VERY impressive courage test. Saber was an exceptionally fast and powerful dog in spite of his medium size. Definitely a dog with a big heart.
Video of Saber's Courage Test