Adler Stein Kennels-Photo Gallery Five



V Vandal vom Rhein SchH 3 KKL I
1982 and 1983 USA Team Member. Two Time Europameister, (now known as the World Championship), Competitor.
Purchased as an eight week old puppy from his breeder Phyllis Liedtke. Raised, trained and handled by Anne Kent. Always pronounced in Courage , Hardness and Fighting drive, ( 10 Points). Highest SchH III score 99-95-99=293. Fifteen times SchH III. Six times High in Trial. Ranked 3rd on USA Top Dog List.,
Protection scores: 97,94,95,96,98,97,95,94,95,92,96,94,99,94,97,86,92.
Vandal's half brother Zarek vom Rhein, raised, trained and handled by Phyllis Liedtke, also competed three times at the Europameister finishing 20th in 1979. Vandal and Zarek were two of only a handful of dogs bred, raised and trained in America who have been members of the USA Team competing at the World Championships. You will find Vandal in the pedigrees of several of my current breeding dogs.
Pedigree of Vandal

Vandal at a year of Age in 1980

USA Team, Opening Ceremonies
1982 Europameister, Saltzburg, Austria

Pedigree of Bear

Bear vom Adler Stein SchH 3
(Vandal vom Rhein X Rancho Rhein's Narley)
1993 USA National Competitor 20th Bred, raised, trained and handled by Anne Kent. Always pronounced in Courage,Hardness and Fighting drive.
High in Trial SchH 1 92-93-98=283 under USA Judge Bill Fields. High in Trial Bill Szentmiklosi 96 81 97 =274
High in Trial SchH 3: 98-92-97=288 under SV Judge Frank Mensing. Never under 90 points in protection work : Scores in Protection 97, 98, 96, 93, 98, 97, 90. Bear was an exceptionally willing dog, who always worked to please the handler. A powerful and intense dog in the schutzhund bitework and also a very real dog that took his job as protector very seriously. Bear was a once in a lifetime dog. Bear is the brother of Brogan, who is the grandmother of Pira and Great-grandmother of my Drexi vom Adler Stein.

Bear Video-Hold and Bark SchH 3 Trial-98 Points
Escape Bite and Out SchH 3 Trial
Bear Training Hold and Bark/Out 1992

Bear Heeling for SchH 1

Rancho Rhein's Lear SchH 2
Raised, trained and handled by Anne Kent. Always pronounced in Courage, Hardness and Fighting drive. SchH I protection score 97. SchH II protection score 98. Lear was a son of the great Enno vom Beilstein and Zarah vom Rhein. A wonderful dog with extraordinary nerves, courage and temperament.He was an exceptionally willing dog and an extremely strong dog in the protection phase. Not particularly fast but he never slowed down, hitting the helper like a freight train. He was an exceptionally stable dog, a pleasure to have around and a great working dog. Lear was retired early due to an injury. He was a brother of Rancho Rhein's Faust and also to Rancho Rhein's Ulysses, the grandfather of my Jinx vom Adler Stein and Great-Grandfather of my male Heist vom Adler Stein. BREEDER: Phyllis Liedtke   Lear's pedigree

SchH 1 Protection-Attack on Handler
Faust vom Adler Stein SchH 1 95 86 94=275
Frei von der Gugge 5-5 Ajax vom Haus Dexel 5-5
Breed vom Lierberg (Bernd, Bernd - Dolf) 5, 5 - 5
Blanka vom Mummelsee 5-5
Bred, raised, trained and handled by Anne Kent. Faust was a son of Bronko vom joyne Keyleff SchH 3 and Rancho Rhein's Narley. Faust had very strong working drives and excellent nerves. Faust had a very full and hard grip in the protection work and displayed very strong work in the other two phases as well. Faust was the sire of Nitro vom Adler Stein and the brother to my breeding female Fallon, mother to Razz and grandmother of Teiwaz.

Pedigree of Faust

Rancho Rhein's Faust SchH 1 95-87-96=278
Raised, trained and handled by Anne Kent. Faust was a wonderful son of Enno vom Beilstein and Zara vom Rhein. A very happy dog with a wonderful personality and very strong working drives and temperament. He took his role as protector very seriously and was an outstanding Schutzhund dog. Unfortunately Faust died at a young age due to a terrible accident. He was an exceptionally loyal dog with a very strong willingness to please and he loved to work. He is, and will remain, one of my favorite dogs of all time. Faust was a brother of Rancho Rhein's Lear, ( shown above), and also to Rancho Rhein's Ulysses, the grandfather of my Jinx vom Adler Stein and Great-Grandfather of my male Heist vom Adler Stein

Pedigree of Faust

Rancho Rhein's Narley
Narley was a very good looking, bi-color daughter of Enno vom Beilstein SchH 3 FH BSP. Narley had exceptional temperament and drives. A very good producer, Narley was the mother of several of my best dogs, including Faust and Bear.


Nitro vom Adler Stein SchH 1 OFA
Nitro was a son of Faust vom Adler Stein SchH 1 and Gunny vom Oberwager. Nitro was a good looking male out of serious old working bloodlines. He was a very spirited dog in obedience and was an excellent tracking dog. Protection work was also very good and he was a serious dog about watching over and protecting his home. Nitro was an excellent house dog and was the official baby sitter for the many litters of pups born here at the kennel during his lifetime. Nitro loved puppies and enjoyed spending hours playing with them. Nitro was the king of the house during his long life here with me and he is certainly missed.

Danish National SchH Champion Jabina Haig SchH 3
Haig was an amazing dog with outstanding nerves and working ability. A courageous and driven male with absolutely impressive protection work and intense and correct work in the other two phases as well. Haig's temperament reminded me very much of the dogs shown above and for that reason I purchased him to add to my existing bloodlines. That was a move I will never regret as he produced exceptionally well including his best son, Ikon, who I am currently working in SchH.

Jabina Pedro SchH 1 KKL 2 OFA
Pedro was a powerful and driven male with remarkable courage and working ability. He was a dog who feared nothing and lived to work. Not an easy dog to handle due to a rather tumultuous upbringing where he changed homes repeatedly. Labeled as "un-trainable" by European trainers, once he settled in here and was allowed to bond with one person, he became a different dog, showing exceptional loyalty and devotion to me. I titled Pedro to a Schh 1 and KKL and then retired him to in order to work with some of his pups. He was always with me when I traveled at night or to places I felt protection might be necessary. He was exceptionally protective of me, a trait I deeply appreciate. His pups are now a big part of my breeding program due to the outstanding drive and trainability of his pups. Pedro was quite a special dog and one I will never forget.