The Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock, California takes its name from this unique rock formation that resembles an eagle in flight. It is believed that early day Indians living in the area and coming upon this distinctive sandstone rock formation, very fittingly bestowed the title of the "Eagle Rock", which in actual fact does bear a striking resemblance to the head and wings of an eagle in flight. Eagle Rock, California is the town I was born and raised in. It was here that I began what has become my life long passion for the German Shepherd Dog. The name of my kennel is AdlerStein, the German translation of Eagle Rock. My kennel is now located in Santa Clarita, CA about 30 miles north of Eagle Rock.

While I have lived with and started training German Shepherd dogs as a small child, I have been actively training and working with working line German Shepherd dogs for 35 years and breeding them since 1986. I have participated in Schutzhund since it's inception in the United States during the 1970s and have been a Schutzhund training helper since 1976. I have represented the United States twice at the WUSV Championships in Europe with a dog bred and trained here in the US and I have assisted in the protection training of a number of other dogs who went on to compete at the WUSV and USA National Championships. I have also trained a number of Narcotic Detection dogs who have gone on to work on various police agencies both here and in Mexico.

SchH Training Helper: Anne Kent & Mako vom Adler Stein

Jinx vom Adler Stein SchH 1

I own and use for breeding, dogs we have bred and trained here for a number of generations and also from very old working bloodlines from the kennels "vom Rhein" and Rancho Rhein. I am very familiar with the dogs from these bloodlines since I have worked/owned/titled quite a few of them over the years; not only as the handler but as the Schutzhund training helper as well. These bloodlines are famous for producing outstanding nerves, courage, trainability and temperament. These are not lines known for producing "sport dogs" or "show dogs", they are known for producing German Shepherd Dogs. My dogs are suited to perform many tasks, including SchH, SAR, Detection, Service and Police Work and as family companions. The German Shepherd Dog was intended to be the most versatile of breeds and this will remain the goal with the dogs I breed here.

While I have imported a number of excellent dogs to add to my existing breeding stock, I will continue to build on the bloodlines that I started with over thirty years ago. Those dogs were direct descendants of the absolute best dogs in the history of the German Shepherd breed. They have left me with a lifelong impression of what a German Shepherd dog can and SHOULD be. Every breeding I do here attempts to produce German Shepherd dogs who live up to the character those dogs possessed. My dogs are bred for temperament, nerves, courage and trainability which are all traits the breed was intened to possess. If this is the type of dog you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

V Vandal vom Rhein SchH 3 KKL 1
Two-Time USA Team Member/WUSV Competitor
Raised, Trained & Handled by Anne Kent

Chango vom Adler Stein SchH 3

Many of my dogs are in working homes but most are living as family companions and protectors. However, a German Shepherd dog is not a dog for everyone and those considering adding one to their family should research the breed carefully before the final decision is made. I am a stong believer in the following quote from Max von Stephanitz, founder of the German Shepherd Dog: "The success for all employment as an assistant of man depends in the first place on expert leadership, whereby the dog is always put in just the right place, and where the man is so well-aquainted with the peculiarities of the dog that he always knows how to interpret correctly the meaning of the dog's signs. A leader without expert knowledge of and affection for the dog will achieve only mediocre results with the best trained dog: while an expert dog-loving leader can achieve good results with a dog of only fair capacity. In other words, the whole question is not only a question of the dog, but quite as much, if not more so, a question of the fitness of the leader." I only place my dogs in select homes where there is understanding of the responsibility and commitment these dogs require.

A German Shepherd dog deserves the same level of devotion and loyalty that they offer to those fortunate enough to own one. Their protective nature requires that they are properly raised and handled and that they receive direction and training from their owners. A well bred German Shepherd does not have the temperament of a Golden Retriever, nor should they. The temperament of a true German Shepherd is like no other dog. Intelligence, willingness to obey and a fierce protectiveness, (should the need arise), are all traits that I have attempted to preserve in my dogs. Dogs with these characteristics require a proper upbringing with a great deal of attention and socialization. Proper training is required if they are to develop to their fullest potential. If you have the time and energy to devote to such a dog, once you experience a German Shepherd like this, you will never wish to own another breed. A well bred German Shepherd is like no other breed of dog. The original temperament of the breed is something that almost anyone can appreciate and admire.

Bear vom Adler Stein SchH 3
USA National Competitor 20th

Heist vom Adler Stein BH

Unfortunately, not everyone can handle such a dog, which has prompted some to breed away from the original temperament that has made the German Shepherd the most versatile working dog in the world. Any person interested in owning a German Shepherd dog owes it to themselves to research the breed carefully before they purchase. Since there are many people breeding what their ideal is, it is important to determine which breeders are attempting to maintain the original temperament of the breed. This is especially true if a German Shepherd is what they are really looking for, not simply a facimile that looks like one but lacks the character the breed is famous for. While many people dream of owning a German Shepherd dog, few understand the responsibility involved. Deciding to purchase a German Shepherd should be a process that involves evaluating your own limitations and your ability to raise and handle a dog with the drives and abilities this breed was intended to possess.

The German Shepherd standard follows and should be the aim of all breeders concerned with maintaining the breed's original temperament, working ability and correct working structure:


A Brief History: In accordance with the official provisions of the German Shepherd Dog Club (SV) e.V., located in Augsburg, a member of the Federation of Dog Clubs in Germany (VDH) is the founding organization of the German Shepherd Dog and therefore, responsible for the breed standard. Work on this document was begun at the first membership meeting in Frankfurt/M on September 20, 1899 and is based on proposals by A. Meyer and v. Stephanitz. Additions and revisions to the standard were made as follows: membership meeting on July 28, 1901; 23rd membership meeting on September 17, 1909 in Koln; Board and Executive Committee Meeting on September 5, 1930 in Wiesbaden, and the Breeders Committee and Board Meeting on March 25, 1961 in conjunction with the WUSV (World Union of German Shepherd Clubs) and during the WUSV Meeting on August 30, 1976 where the standard was agreed upon, revised, and approved by the Board and Executive Committee on March 23 and 24, 1991. Planned breeding activities began after the inception of the SV in 1899. The German Shepherd Dog was developed from herding dogs in service during that time in Middle and Southern Germany. The goal was to produce a high-performance working dog. To accomplish this goal, the Breed Standard of the German Shepherd Dog was created. This document addresses both physical qualities as well as character attributes.....MORE

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